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Who we are

Momentum Life exists to give people life-changing moments in the outdoors

Our purpose is rooted in the Himalayas over 30 years ago, when our founder, Matthew Robertson, set off on a one-way trip around the world.

The journey took him under hidden waterfalls, through vast forests and into the houses of welcoming locals. After months of roaming, he found himself sitting at the peak of a mountain overlooking the Khumbu glacier, in Nepal, listening to it creaking and groaning. That was the moment Momentum was born.

Since then Matthew has designed trips to the most remote and fascinating destinations around the world for the privileged few that can afford it, through our sister company - Momentum Bespoke. Witnessing the awe-inspiring power of the outdoors to bring families and friends together. Creating memories that are as much a part of what we offer as the trips themselves.

We believe these experiences can - and should - be accessible to everyone.

Momentum Life has been created to share our knowledge with anyone with the desire to get outdoors and experience the joy we know it brings.

“I’ve spent my entire life living, playing and working in the outdoors. It’s my everything and my reason for being. It’s all I want to do till my last breath.

I was not an academic as a child. When I was supposed to be at school, I was out in the wilderness. It’s where I did - and still do - my best learning. So I count myself incredibly fortunate to be able to pursue this passion everyday.

My mantra is to bring people joy through the power of the outdoors. It’s my dream to make the outdoors a way of life.

I’ve explored some of the remotest places on the planet and am lucky enough to have met some of the most extraordinary and wonderful people along the way. These people have enriched my life more than words can say. They influence the way I live my life and everything I create.

I just put the pieces of the puzzle together and our planet does the rest.”

Matthew Robertson.

Momentum Life founder


“None of us will ever forget it, thank you!”


“A little touch of outdoor paradise”


“Out of this world”

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“Unforgettable trip – the experience exceeded my very high expectations”


“Matthew scours the earth seeking out unique experiences and environments, with a unique story to tell”


“Momentum explores the most extraordinary places on earth”

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“Momentum’s brand of velvet-lined adventure proved quietly yet robustly very successful”


“When can I return”


“Takes Bespoke quality to a whole new level”


“Momentum’s trip portfolio really stretches imaginations.”


“The Momentum CV reads like a dream team”

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“The trip of a lifetime”

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“An antidote to desk-bound daily existence”


“Raw, ravishing and utterly romantic”


“The world’s most exotic and exclusive adventures”

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“If you’ve got a dream they’ll make it real”


“Barbecue steaks with lava, taking reservations now.”

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“Spectacular bespoke itineraries”


“You offer a seriously bespoke service”


“Epic Adventures”


“If your dreaming in front of the discovery channel, its time to call Momentum Adventure"


"Momentum are hard to top, with an illustrious history in adventure”


“Tailor made trips that are anything but ordinary”


“Best of the best”

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“Unfathomable depths submarine adventures”

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