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Three reasons you should visit Colorado

The Rocky Mountains have an undeniable draw for anyone who loves the outdoors. Rarely do you find such an abundance of accessible experiences in one location. For us, this makes Colorado a paradise for everyone, from solo travellers to families.

The vastness.

Colorado has incredible natural beauty. The best way to describe what we mean is to use the example of our trip to Ranchlands’ Zapata Ranch. It’s a remote, 103,000-acre working bison, cattle and horse ranch cum nature reserve. This landscape holds wild flower meadows, lakes, mountains and the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve - a National Park which preserves an area of large sand dunes up to 750 feet 229 m tall. That’s a whole lot of topography for one ranch.

The experiences.

Skiing black-run off-piste. Climbing infamous rock faces. Rafting white water. Motorbiking into the wilderness. Hot springs, hiking, SUPing, kayaking, rafting, camping, exploring, festivals, local food markets…you get the idea. Colorado is a destination that feeds the senses, relaxes the mind and inspires you to explore.

The ‘what’s next?’

The fascinating thing about Colorado is the unknown. You think you understand or know a place. Then the amazing happens. And that seems to happen around every corner, whether you’re out in the wilderness or in town. From Denver’s microbreweries and marijuana dispensaries to lithium hot springs deep in the Rockies. Bring an open mind and Colorado will do the rest.

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