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Inspiring people: Billy Joe Moffat

Those who choose the outdoors as their passion often possess a genuine sense of calm contentment. Our explorations have lead us to encounters with many of these inspirational people.

The late Billy Joe Moffat, who I had the honour of meeting just before his death, had an incredible impact on me. A retired NYC trader, he found his peace in the wilds of Colorado.

“If I could come back to the planet and be anything I wanted to be Would I be a peak in the Andes

Or an island in the Arabian Sea

Sand on the wind-swept Sahara
A glacier on a polar dome

A bird that could soar to the top of the land What would I pick for my home?

The coastline of Northern California

The loft of the Bolivian Plateau

I say with a grin, ‘I’ll come back as the wind And to all of these places I’d go.’

The majestic Canadian Rockies

Or a plant in the forest of Brazil

A whale who could cruise all the oceans of the world Would I move, or simply be still?

A boy on the streets of Kolkata

A building in a city like Rome

A tulip in the great fields of Holland, perhaps

Or be a king and sit on a throne

The choices are really quite endless

And if I could be anything I wanted to be

I’d like to come back and give it just one more crack And try to be a much better me.

That, in all seriousness, answers all the questions of my gratitude to the Creator for the charmed life I’ve been able to live. And if I had to do it all over again, the concentration would be: what more could I give than I did?

I’ve been given plenty, certainly [had] an internal debate with myself as to whether I deserved such a charmed life.

I accept it and do so with gratitude but the focus would be on: how could I be kinder, more helpful, less judgemental?
How could I put aside all the things that, had I known then what I know now, I would have done differently?

That would be how I’d like to spend my next incarnation, should I be fortunate enough to get one. Is that all you have to give? Reach in a bag and see if there’s any more.

That would be a very, very pleasant way to spend the next go- around: giving. Giving more. Being better. Thinking clearer. Being an example, not only for others to enjoy their lives and do so in a manner that is consistent with integrity and justice, but do so from the origin of joy itself.”

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