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Inspiring people: James Otter

When he moved to live on a cliff in Cornwall, James discovered a place where he could blend his creativity, love of surfing and need for the freedom that the outdoors brings.

James has been drawn to designing and making things with wood for…well, forever. Even when he’s veered away, this medium has drawn him back in.

His frustration at the flimsy surfboards he was using, which had to be replaced much too regularly, led James to experiment with making his own out of wood. He describes the feeling of making and using his first board as ‘incredible’. From that moment, he was hooked.

Still, he didn’t think his new-found career hand-crafting wooden boards would ever be more than a one-man operation. Until a customer asked James to teach him how to make his own board.

This epiphany has manifested extraordinary things. Most recently, James partnered with the prestigious Do Books to launch Do/Make, which reveals his method of ‘unmoderning’. The book is a homage to reconnecting with our hands, our creativity, our environment, and ourselves through the art of making things. And you can buy it right here.

Another accolade is appearing with Matthew on our Happy Outdoors podcast, which you can find on Spotify and Apple, or watch and listen on our podcast page.

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