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   South Africa

Three reasons you should visit South Africa

Safari, wine, Cape Town. While they’re all amazing reasons to visit South Africa, these experiences are only a tiny part of what makes this an extraordinary destination. South Africa is vast beyond comprehension, with a landscape that changes dramatically with each mile covered. A land of beautiful extremes, there is a ‘wow’ moment around every corner.

The land

Desert, rainforest, lakes, crystal-clear sea and wide, open prairies are just a sample of what you’ll experience as you travel across the country. Almost every vista could be an award-winning landscape shot. Whether you’re standing on the edge of a vast green canyon in Transkei, waterfall crashing below. Or driving through the Cederburg wilderness, orange rock for hundreds of miles around. The kaleidoscope of colours is immense.

The sea

The Wild Coast is the Mecca for all things marine. Whether you want to be next to, on or under the sea. For us, diving with a bait ball as it travels along the east coast of South Africa and through the Agulhas Bank, is a bucket-list experience for any true diver. You’ll also find more adventurous locals who free dive for fish the shark-filled waters here…if that’s your thing. To get your pulse down afterwards, we’d suggest a barbecue with your spoils on one of the Wild Coast’s hidden beaches.

The sky

With no light pollution, every night is spent under a million stars. For us, the ultimate star-gazing experience is to spend a night in the Cederburg wilderness (we have a bushman’s hut we like to stay in but we can’t reveal the location. Sorry). Cold beer in hand and the Milky Way over head. The bonus is waking up to a breathtaking sunrise before getting back on the road, ready to uncover more South African wonders.

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